Best Electric Frying Pan - Guide and Reviews

Often we spend a lot of time thinking about getting the hottest kitchen appliances, but the frying pan or skillet is ignored. However, it is something we use on a regular basis and so it must measure up to the highest standards.

That is the reason why you must always look for the best electric frying pan. I know there are literally thousands of frying pans, but I have filtered this list down to the top 5.

In the following reviews we’re going to take an extensive look at their features, benefits, drawbacks and why I think they’re the best.

1. Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

Editor Rating:

Presto is known for their quality frying pans and the 06857 is among the best they can currently have.

Its aluminum base is heavy and nonstick, and it’s safe to clean in a dishwasher provided you take the heat control off.

Another feature here I like is its spout as it simplifies handling of liquids when you serve. The spout also works as a spatula and spoon holder. At 16 inches the 06857 has the capacity to cook several foods.

However it’s not that hard to clean and the foldable handles conserve space. There are of course, a lot of 16 inch frying pans, but the high walls and energy efficiency of the pan makes it unique.

It’s hard to find any issues with the 06857 except it may be too large for some. But if you’ve got a family of four or just like to prepare large meals, the Presto is going to serve your needs and more.

With frying pans you look for certain essential features like depth, capacity and efficiency, and the 06857 fits the bill.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used for baking
  • Inside and out nonstick surface
  • Spout makes pouring easy
  • Handles can be folded for storage

2. Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet

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The 06852 is a high end frying pan with a nonstick surface for both the exterior and interior. It is this combination of simplified cleaning and cooking that makes it an attractive choice for a lot of people.

Just like with most quality skillets, the 06852 also functions as a buffet server for special occasions.

The 06852 is energy efficient and it is constructed to US electrical standards. For many the biggest attraction is its 16 inch capacity and 3 inch depth.

With this kind of cooking space and high walls you’ll be able to cook a diverse range of foods. The 06852 is perfect for frying, but if you want to stew, bake or roast it’s just as easy to do.

At first glance the 16 inch size may seem like it’s going to occupy a lot of space. However that’s not the case as it can replace a small frying pan and an electric griddle.

And as we have already pointed out, the 06852 can be used for different types of cooking so it could be used in lieu of your other kitchen appliances.

Highlighted Features

  • Cooking surface is nonstick
  • Energy efficient
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat control is detachable

3. Proctor Silex 38526 Electric Skillet

Proctor Silex 38526 Electric Skillet

Editor Rating:

Electric frying pans are a dime in dozen but the Silex 38526 is a cut above the rest. The cooking surface heats quickly and the evenly heated surface eliminates hot spots.

At 12 inches the Silex 38526 is too small for large families, but for small and medium sized families this frying pan will be sufficient.

What makes this one of the best electric frying pan is its versatility. You can cook pork chops, bacon, chicken and other food with precision as the temperature can be adjusted from 200 F to 400 F.

This not only ensures accuracy but also to keep food warm before it’s served. The nonstick interface makes cooking and tidying up straightforward.

Once you are done cooking, remove the temperature control, wash the lid and skillet with soapy hot water and you’re finished. Or you can save even more time by putting the frying pan in a dishwasher.

The Silex 38526 is one of the most versatile frying pans today. Most use it to cook family meals but you can also use it to serve up breakfast and other meals during the day.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Adjustable heat

4. Rival CKRVSK11 11-Inch Square Electric Skillet

Rival CKRVSK11 11-Inch Square Electric Skillet

Editor Rating:

The CKRVSK11 is for you if those 16 inch frying pans are too large and impractical to use. Its 11 inch cooking surface is smaller compared to others, and if you don’t cook a lot then this is the practical size.

With its nonstick coating you can easily clean when you’re done, whereas with other frying pans it takes a long time.

Whether we’re frying or steaming, one of the things we like to do is watch the food being cooked.

With the CKRVSK11 that’s exactly what you get as the glass lid is transparent. The tempered glass lid also has a stay-cool knob so you can lift it anytime without burning your finger while you cook.

There is also an integrated steam vent which keeps heat inside the frying pan to ensure proper cooking. As a frying pan the CKRVSK11 is hard to top, but it can do more as it also functions as a buffet server.

The temperature control can be removed when you clean the CKRVSK11, and cleaning is easy too.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used to cook different types of food
  • Has an integrated steam vent
  • Works as a buffet server and skillet
  • Accurate temperature control

5. Presto 06850 16-inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06850 16-inch Electric Skillet

Editor Rating:

The Presto 06850 is large enough to cook lots of food simultaneously, saving time and effort. Its aluminum base is heavy cast, and while it does get very hot when cooking, it’s to be expected with these skillets.

While this is advertised as a frying pan you can also use it for baking, casserole, stews and roasts.

The 06850 is equipped with a Control Master for precision adjustment of heat and temperature. Built for heavy duty use, the cover won’t bend, peel or crack, and the comfortable handles always stay cool.

The 06850 is also dishwasher safe for quick cleanup: it doesn’t matter how long you have cooked here as it’s a breeze to remove the stains.

Aside from being versatile, the 06850 cooks food evenly and heat control is as easy as advertised. It is not the flashiest frying pan around, but if you’re looking for a dependable frying pan, the 06850 is one of the top options.

If your old skillet can’t get the temperature right for your burgers, pork chops or fried chicken, the 06850 can solve the problem and do justice to your meals.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-functional frying pan
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Durable cover
  • Accurate temperature controls

Considerations for Buying a Frying Pan

Buying a frying pan is easy enough to do, but if you’ve spent any time reading reviews you’ll know how diverse the quality is. Here are some suggestions.

  • Capacity: if you’re single or don’t cook much, an 11 or 12 inch frying pan will do, but if you have to serve a lot of people consider a 16 inch skillet. As a rule it’s better to buy a large skillet so if the time comes you do need to cook lots of food you’ll be ready. However if you regularly cook small portions, an 11 or 12 inch skillet will do.
  • High Sides: cooking surface diameter isn’t the only factor you need to look into. Frying pans with high sides let you deep fry and they also hold more food. You will definitely want high sided frying pans if you cook large roasts or whole chickens.
  • Temperature Range and Control: a lot of frying pans have a temperature range of around 200 to 400 F, but others can go as high as 450 F. If you’re going to pan or stir fry, 400 F is enough, but you’ll need minimum 450 F for deep frying.
  • Cooking Methods: a frying pan is no longer just for frying. Nowadays you can find most of them capable of roasting, steaming, baking and so on. A growing number of these electric skillets also have inserts and extra settings for grilling and other cooking methods.
  • Glass Lid: a glass lid gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s going on with your food. An opaque lid requires you to lift it up just to see the progress, and this interrupts with the cooking process as het escapes, so go with glass.

Final Verdict

I enjoy well cooked fried food as much as you do, and that’s why I was careful in selecting the products here.

One of the biggest mistakes first time buyers make is assuming frying pans are the same, but that is not true at all. In fact the quality of the frying pan you use determines how well-made the food will be.

As you can see from the reviews above, there is no single best electric frying pan. All the products above are top quality and versatile enough to handle the needs of different people, so just pick one and enjoy!

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